Sunrise Mooball Design Guidelines.


Tweed Shire Council rezoned the Mooball Development Area in 2016 to create an urban release area that provides the opportunity to expand on the linear form of the historic Mooball hinterland Village.

In consultation with the proponent, the Mooball Planning Agreement was established that required, among other commitments, for a set of Design Guidelines addressing house types, materials, architectural features, and landscaping.

These guidelines must be approved by Tweed Shire Council prior to any application being made to Council for the subdivision of the land.

As part of the voluntary planning agreement, consultation with the community on the Design Guidelines is required.

The Tweed Shire Council’s Community Engagement and Participation Plan 2019 – 2024 (CEPP) outlines its responsibility to ensure all community members have an opportunity to engage with.

Catapult undertook formal community consultation between 2 November and 30 November 2020 in accordance with those responsibilities.


Consultation took place between 2 November and 30 November 2020 during which public submissions on the Draft Mooball Design Guidelines were encouraged and received. This was facilitated by Three Plus. A copy of Three Plus’ Community Consultation Report (8 December 2020) supplied to TSC can be found:


All submissions received as part of the consultation process including those discovered missing following an IT issue with in the Catapult Property Group system have been registered and supplied to the developer and TSC for consideration. All relevant concerns from the feedback provided were itemised and have been responded to. A list of concerns and responses can be found:                           


The finalised Sunrise Mooball Design Guidelines respond to input from the Mooball and neighbouring community. The guidelines will play an important role in the future development of Mooball. The Mooball Design Guidelines can be found: